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About me

TGM - Mark JaskiI am Mark Jaski a food blogger from Melbourne, Australia.  

I am an ordinary bloke juggling the challenges of everyday life, but with a deep passion for food: creating it, photographing it, writing about it and of course eating it!

By day I am a project consultant and by night I am a dad, partner inspired cook and food blogger.  Well, maybe it’s not as black and white as that, but it does translate into a very busy life full of inherent craziness!  One thing I have always believed is that good food is the essence of life, anyone can cook it and everyone should enjoy it.  So, my blog is about sharing the joy by helping others like me to be inspired and learn how to cook great food everyday.

About The Gas Mark

I will give you ideas, recipes and tips to help you cook great food every day.

In May 2016 I started this blog as my creative outlet focused on my cooking endeavors and recipes.  Now it’s time for me to raise the bar a little because I know there are lots of people who need a little inspiration and support in the kitchen.  Here you will find me sharing my creations, recipes, knowledge and experiences whilst navigating the challenges of everyday life.

What you will find here

Food is my passion and my central focus here so will find me posting:

  • Food – Creating a great meal is something I love to do and I always cook with passion whether its a mid-week family meal or something for a special occasion.  Cooking shouldn’t be a chore so here you will get ideas, recipes, tips and food experiences to inspire you and help you cook great food everyday.  We are all busy, but that’s no excuse so I will show you that anyone (busy parents, women and men, even kids) can turn up the heat on everyday cooking!
  • Articles – I often write about food and share my thoughts, ideas, shortcuts, hacks and lots more practical information that you can apply at home too.  Often I write in response to questions or challenges posed by subscribers and followers which is great because I know its helping others with the same needs.
  • Products – In the kitchen I use a variety of products ranging from appliances to gadgets and various food products.  Here you will reviews of things I use and maybe some links so you can find out more or get the product yourself.
  • Resources – To be honest I am still working out what to put in here, but expect to find useful information, tools and other materials related to food and cooking.

Connect and follow

By connecting and following you will always know when I post new content and be involved with my special challenges and projects.

I am still building things, but soon there will be lots of ways to tune in:

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  • Pinterest – Its coming, just setting up now!
  • You Tube – Its coming too!

Everything here is my own original content unless otherwise credited.  I have other projects on the radar and hope you will follow and be part of those too.

There’s lots more to come so please subscribe and follow The Gas Mark and I look forward to talking with all of you.

Thanks for joining me and all the best.