Italian Rolled Roast Duck

Italian Rolled Roast Duck

Many years ago I was fortunate to spend some time in Tuscany.  I stayed at a little B&B run by a lovely woman named Anita.  She had not long started the B&B and was also running a cooking school from the property which was a gorgeous old Tuscan villa set amongst the vineyards. Every day we would go out to visit eateries and to local markets to gather fresh food.  At night we would gather in the kitchen to cook what we had purchased whilst drink locally made Chianti.

I absolutely love roast duck, but don’t make it very often.  This is one of Anita’s recipes which I cooked whilst there in Tuscany.  What is great about this roast duck is that it is packed with flavour and the presence of orange gives it a classical French edge.

Its not a quick eat, but the wait is worth it.  For this recipe I de-bone a whole duck by hand, not a speedy task for me!  I recommend you find a good poultry supplier and ask them nicely to de-bone the duck for you.  I am gradually working on some modifications to this recipe and update here when I do, but for now enjoy this wonderful roast duck.

Anita’s Recipe

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